Becoming the Nice Jerk

by Big Don

Guys who are strictly nice, for the most part, finish last. I used to be one - I speak from experience.

That is, until that day when I had enough and decided that something had to give - either I'd keep getting treated like crap and make a life out of it, or start from within and change my whole attitude.

Well, if you've been reading my posts for any length of time, it should be pretty obvious what direction I chose. I now see myself as a nice jerk - not one extreme or the other but somewhere in the middle.

And hopefully the following pointers will help you get to that point if you desire to change your life around like I did and get some more play.

Demonstrate to Her That You Have an Opinion

Nothing is more annoying than going out with someone who has no mind of their own. Don't straddle the fence about anything, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem...Italian or Chinese....going out vs. staying in...Pepsi vs Coke. ANYTHING!

This demonstrates have a clear sense of what satisfies you and are not going to tolerate anything less than that. In ANY aspect of your life.

In a relationship, this comes into play all the time - you're set on going someplace and she decides then that she doesn't, etc. Don't play into that!

I got into an argument with the girl I was seeing at the time on New Year's Eve and we were to spend the night at a nice downtown hotel. She was carrying on like a baby that afternoon and started saying that she was so annoyed with things that she didn't even know if she wanted to get together. What did I do?

I told her that that's her decision but that I am not going to put up with that BS. And then I hung up on her. She called back in a few minutes, apologized and quit her whining.

Have More Than One Option

This is something I always stress but only because it is so true. When you get hung up on a honey sometimes, you start wondering about every little thing she does - did she go out tonight? With who? Why didn't she call? ETC!

I have always put myself in a position where, quite frankly, I am way too busy to even worry about what she (or any) of the women in my life are doing! It's actually a nice break when I DON'T hear from them!

More than one option makes you relaxed and allows you "give" - you can afford to make a mistake because you have a "spare."

Be Sure to Tease Her

The "nice guy" is way too damn polite and is afraid of offending.

Now I do not offend, but I do have fun with the women I date because I give them a hard time about stupid things - I tease them about their drinking habits, their jobs, anything! It totally lightens the mood and I welcome their insults back - it creates a whole "playful" atmosphere - which always lends itself well to practicing kino.

I honestly don't waste my time with women who can't joke back. And I have this concept so down that women are constantly telling me about how funny I am.

Don't Always Make Yourself Available

If you have more than one option, this will be easy. Like I said, it's hard for me sometimes to find the time, and that is a beautiful thing to be in such demand!

But don't call her every day, don't e-mail every day, don't get her tired of hearing from you.

And let's face it - does anything new and exciting happen to YOU every day? Probably not.

It's like newspaper delivery - you get used to it showing up that it gets to the point where you may not even read it. But miss a day and you get as mad as hell, right?

Let her miss you. Don't let her think, even if you do, that she is the center of your life.

Well, that's all from me for now. I think these are the basics that you need to know in order to turn yourself into being a nice jerk like me. I always treat women with respect, but I also look out for number one - Big Don.

And bro, that's who's most important in all of this, because if you can't look in the mirror and be happy with who you see looking back, then that's when you got problem.