Guide to Eye Contact

by REd-xL

Here's some general tips and secrets to eye contact...

Good eye contact must be complemented by a genuine smile, or else you'll just be staring, which makes anyone feel uncomfortable. Now don't always smile, cause that just makes you look insecure, but smile at the key points.

Along with staring, never do it for more than 4-5 seconds, as this bypasses the comfort zone.

Mirror her eyes: pay attention to her eye brows and mimic the emotions of surprise or sadness (to "feel her pain") when she describes a story. It works best if accompanied by a little nod at these points of inflection.

With the thing about eye contact at the mall, why waste your time trying to get a girl's attention by staring into her eyes? When I pass girls, I stop them by excusing myself and asking them if they like a certain type of music. Then they ask, surprised, "Why?" Then I tell them I saw a unique rhythm in their walk and go on to introduce myself...

This is just one example of how to approach a girl. I wouldn't recommend using it because things have to be spontaneous for girls to take them genuinely.

Pupil size is very important in attraction. If they dilate (grow larger), this is a sure-fire sign of attraction. If they pupate (grow smaller), that's not a good sign.

Pay attention to blinking; both frequency and amplitude. If she blinks more often, this is indicative of anxiety or discomfort: bad sign. If her blinking is slower, it means she's relaxed and at ease, so she's in a good position to be swooned by you.

A quick shudder of the eyes means indifference or heightened interest (you'll be able to tell the difference by the brows). If her blinking is long and slow-moving, she may be seductively trying to grab your interest.

When you make initial eye-contact, and if she looks down then away, that's interest. If she just looks away or gawks back glazily, it doesn't mean anything. But don't stop trying.

Eye contact is essential to building rapport with someone. It brings to life the essence of emotion, attraction, confidence, and acknowledgement. Not a bad package......

Just remember, eye contact alone won't cut it. It's the whole package that counts, but eye contact will enforce many of the most important facets of affection and rapport.

Use it wisely, genuinely, and seductively to reach your aim...