Let Her Try to Figure You Out for a Change

by Armand

You already know what not to do anymore (letting her know how interested you are and pushing things), you just have to decide once and for all that you are not going to allow yourself to do them anymore.

By constantly keeping her guessing where she stands with you, she'll eventually be the one (for a change) who starts going bananas trying to figure YOU out.

The element of seduction requires this confusion you're providing her - it's like a drug, inducing mixed feelings and further curiosities that will eventually OD her into feeling that, "I'm starting to fall for this guy!" stuff - and so begins her quest to bring to life this romance novel that she's created in her mind of you two.

You don't need to be a jerk, per se, just... aloof - never revealing your game plan.

She'll know you like her because you're asking her out and taking her out - BUT, she won't know how MUCH you like her and what to expect next - if you keep your yap shut about how you feel and keep yourself busy with something else (have a life other than her) so you don't think about her obsessively like you have all others in the past (and you have been, if you're falling in love so easy and soon every time).

Tell me, how many times have you sat and pondered, seemingly to the brink of madness, how a woman feels about you after only a date or two?

That's why you fall in love so quickly - you're seduced into her by your own confusing (obsessive) thoughts/feelings, but caused by YOU, not anything she is doing!

This is why she runs faster than Speedy Gonzalas from you when you announce any emotion before she does - it freaks her out because of your lack of control, neediness, and you're trying to push things. And this is the biggest blip on her radar screen of an insecure person who will likely smoother her, want her to play mother, try to control her, etc. etc.

Provide her challenge, unlike most other men she encounters, and she'll be hunting YOU down like a lioness.

Remember: Man should never say or show emotion of love first (especially too soon) - it kills the magic for her and makes you appear weak at the same time.