Club Tips and Tactics

by BigBadJon

As I may have mentioned before, I go to clubs fairly regularly. Here are a couple of observations.

#1 Easy intro. I fell into this intro line without even realizing it. I walked up to the bar to get a drink. There were two hotties already there waiting for the bartender. I pulled a $20 out and held it out to let the bartender know I needed a drink. My buddy was laughing at me, but money gets anyone's attention.

I caught the bartender's attention before the ladies did, so I motioned toward them and said, "The ladies were here first" in a strong tone of voice.

For a split second the girls probably thought I was being rude for jumping in that way, but I got a nice smile and a "thank you" that she repeated twice to make sure I heard her.

For anyone who has problems approaching women in clubs this is the perfect way in. Can breaking the ice get any easier? You have already gained rapport without even saying a word to her. You didn't come up to the bar to hit on her, (or so she thinks) so it's a natural progression to a convo. Now all you have to do is run with it. You have already melted her bitch shield, so the rest is easy.

#2 Make you presence known. My buddy accomplishes this by yelling "WOOOO" on the dance floor at the top of his lungs. I know it sounds silly but it works! The girlies giggle and look over to see who it is having a good time. From that point on it's easy to get them to dance with you.

#3 Move thru the club like you are on a mission. I mentioned this before in another post awhile ago, and had it confirmed again last night. When you go to the little boys room, don't look side to side and stare at every pair of breasts that walk by. Instead, look straight ahead, dance a little while you walk.

Anytime I have been stopped by women in a club or bar it has been when I am NOT focused on checking them out. You should be the one making the approach, but it's a great confidence booster to have a few eyeing you during the night.

#4 You are THE MAN. Take what you want and have no regrets. I'm sure you have all heard this before but I want to give an example.

My psychotherapist friend spotted a FINE brunette one night and proceeded to make eye contact. Next he moved closer and started dancing ass to ass with her. Big deal, you say? Here's the kicker. She was with her BOYFRIEND!

That's nothing. Later on in the night she went so far as to let him rub her all over while she was still dancing with her boyfriend! (The floor was crowded so he got away with it.) Pretty risky to say the least, but it just goes to show what you can pull off if you got the balls to try.