The Best Way to Flatter a Girl - Her Hair

by REd-xL

If there's really a genuine way to flatter a girl, it's by complimenting her hair. Girls are really self-conscious about their hair, and guys rarely or never compliment a girl's new do.

It's a good idea to become familiar with what streaks are, when a girl's hair is dyed, and others fashions concerning hair. She will feel great knowing guys notice her hair and will be extremely flattered.

If a cute girl you know just recently got a new haircut, tell her you think it looks really good (no matter how horrible it really is).

Another great aspect about complimenting hair is that you can use it as a lead-in to compliment her on other features without seeming like a desperate guy.

Example: "Your hairstyle looks really good. Those streaks really seem to compliment your eyes and the contour really makes your nice figure stand out."

Guys tend to have problems figuring out what to compliment a girl on, so take advantage of the hair thing.

Remember, it's the little things that count, and subtlety is the key to opening the possibilities of making them happen.