The Art of the Pick-Up Line

by REd-xL

I'm sure most of the Dons here are aware of the rules for flirting (make her the topic of discussion, 35%/65% speaking ratio, etc.), but there always tends to be that missing link: the ability to strike up a great conversation. This guide will present the ways to achieve much more fluid conversation.

The biggest problem guys tend to have is with the first line. The most successful pick-up lines are the ones that force her into a position to talk back to you. How can this be accomplished with the best results?

Simply by asking her a question!

By asking her a question, you make her feel important. Has a stranger ever asked you a question, perhaps for directions, general assistance, or maybe even an opinion? The reason you feel compelled to respond is because, not only is it polite, but you feel special realizing this person selected you to answer his inquiry because he felt you were competent and intelligent-looking enough to provide a desired response.

Now that you've made your target feel important and selected, she will happily respond to your question. Take this opportunity to read her body language, especially pupil size and open/closed gestures.

Now that you understand the importance of asking your target a question to get things flowing, let's focus on the next aspect of delivery...

What should I ask her about?

Obviously, the answer to this is to ask your target a question about herself. Look for unique features about this girl. It's got to be something distinct, like a piece of jewelry or her clothes. It could be something she's holding or something in her hair.

Another option is to observe the environment around you and your target. Again, look for things that stand out. Observational skills and good timing are key to getting this down.

These techniques are something you've got to be able to figure out on your own, so you must rely on your own ability to come up with something to ask her about. This is the key to pick-up lines, and the reason there is no "magic line" that will work 100% of the time.

Here's a really useful tip...

I've found that the easiest way to strike up a conversation with a girl is to join it rather than start it. If your target is in the middle of a conversation with someone else, casually walk by and stop to ask a question because you overheard something about the topic of discussion that intrigued you.

A word of caution, though: The reason this doesn't work as well as it should is because you may infringe on her privacy as a stranger, and making her the subject of the conversation will be harder as well.

Cardinal Rule: Subjects you want to avoid include sex, religion, and politics.

So now you know what to ask the girl about, but how do you say it? This portion will focus on how to formulate your opening line.

Who. What. Where. When. Why. How.

The key to asking the perfect question is by cycling through these six essential words. Once you've targeted that unique quality about your target or your surrounding environment, practice asking a question with each of the words.

Once you've done this, select the best question. The best question will pertain to something you can build upon and follow up with more questions. The reason this works well is because you can also follow up with some of the other questions you have pre-formulated.

If this technique doesn't work well in your current situation, nothing beats walking up to her and introducing yourself. It's just the discussion may not get too far if you're not prepared.

Preparation is the key.

Like I heard mentioned before, Robin Williams was an outstanding improvisational actor. When asked how he was so successful, Robin said all his stunts were planned ahead of time hundreds of times over until he was able to fit them into his routine somehow.

So you must have a game plan set, and this method is a good way to go about doing it.

Last key tip...

I found that the easiest kinds of questions are the ones that ask your target for their opinion about something. She will likely elaborate and open up a vast number of opportunities to follow up with further questions. Also, you can always agree with her, which is a plus.

Another key tip: If you can, formulate your question in a flattering and subtle manner.