7 Tests a Woman Must Pass

by Poosy Marauder

When you meet a woman and build a relationship (to whatever extent you want) there are a series of critical tests that she has to be put through. And your objective is to administer those tests as smoothly as possible.

If she's right for you she'll pass each stage.

The Eye Contact Test

You lock eyes, smile and say hello.

If she doesn't respond in a receptive way she's failed the first test. Move on.

The Digits Test

After a suitable amount of small talk (timing is important - I aim for about 10 mins) you say, "Listen, I have to leave now but you should give me your home number so we can talk some more some other time."

Some guys are sticklers for the home number. Personally, I think cell phones are OK. Work phones are not OK unless she doesn't have either of the above. Email address is not OK unless she is foreign and does not speak English well.

If she fails this test. Move on.

The Phone Call Test

Opinions differ on the mandatory waiting period but I say 3 or 4 days max. No more if you can help it and definitely no less.

Your objective here is not to get to know her better... it's to set up a face to face date.

Don't talk too long. Ten minutes will do. Warm her up with a bit of humor then TELL HER what you have in mind. NEVER let her take control and tell you what the two of you should do. You're the man. Take charge.

If she fails this test move on.

The Date Test

First date should be VERY casual... coffee is perfect. NO dinners. NO drinking (OK maybe one or two). And for fark sake no flowers or gifts! NO hugging or smooching cheeks - that's for your Grandma.

NO giving away any unsolicited information if you can help it and definitely no negative info.

DO use Kino. DO use lots of eye contact. Orient your body towards her. Move in and out of her personal space. Mirror her body language. Elicit values. Rephrase and repeat what she says...

ABOVE all else listen to what she says.

Don't drag things on too long, objective here is to get her to trust you and realize you're not an axe murderer.

Look good. Smell good. Act confident. Be a mystery. Let her think you have a busy life and she will need to compete with your other interests to get into it.

Talking ratio should be 70% her, 30% you.

If she cancels the date without a reasonable excuse or offering an alternative time, or if she acts weird or disrespectful on the date she has failed the test. Move on.

For dates 2 and/or 3 try to up the excitement levels a bit and do something involving some sort of action or activity.

The Kiss Test

Sometime on the first or second date you need to go for some lip action. Doesn't have to be tongues but just enough to let her know you're not hanging out just to be friends.

Do a little kino to warm her up and then slooowwly move in for it. She'll know what you're doing.

NEVER ask a girl if you can kiss her. That's for nice guys and we all hate nice guys here... right?

If she pulls away she fails this test. Move on.

The Horizontal Rumba Test

By about 3 or 4 dates she should be as ready as she'll ever be to decide if you are shagging material or not. If she gives you some lame excuse like, "I'm just not sure of my feelings" she fails the test. Move on.

It's up to you if you want to put in more time on this test, but I think if she's not giving it up after 3 or 4 dates you're being played for a sucker.

The Exclusivity Test

This one may not be ideal for every guy, but I think most of us are here to eventually get an LTR (Long Term Relationship). After about 3 months she should have said something to the effect of wanting an exclusive relationship with you.

NEVER be the one to ask for it, it has to come from her. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be the first one to say, "I love you." Show it to her with actions, not words. Little gifts are fine after the first 2 months. Don't overdo it and DON'T be predictable about anything.