The Protector/Provider Gets the Girl

by Albion

The first thing you need to do is learn how a woman thinks and why she thinks that way.

Right now you only know how a man thinks, and that's a far cry from how a woman thinks.

Over the last 5 or 6 million years humans and their ancestors have evolved a certain way to survive the rigors of everyday life. Before civilization (about 5 thousand years ago) life was very difficult. Actually, for most, life was difficult up until about 60 years ago.

The male of the species was literally the provider/protector and the female was the child bearer. Men had to protect their offspring from the everyday lion encounter. A sissy boy would run away from the lion but a protector would risk his life to protect his family.

Women evolved to instinctually seek this protector quality in a man, because she knew if she didn't find that quality her offspring would most likely die.

Some guys think they can win a woman over by smothering her with gifts and romance. Well that just doesn't cut it. Gifts and romance won't stop a lion from eating her offspring.

Remember, you can't change 5 million years of instinct just because in the last 200 years there hasn't been a need to stop a lion from eating your offspring.

> 1. How do you figure a guy that treats you good is boring?

It's not that they're boring, it's that they supplicate. A supplicating male will run and cower from the lion.

Now, not all nice guys would run from a lion when their family is in danger. But, a woman doesn't know that about you when she first meets you, so she looks for those signs that have been programmed into her brain over the last 5 or 6 million years.

And those signs are adventure, mystery, and a challenge.

Before civilization, a male couldn't be bothered with wasting his time with a female unless he was mating with her. Protecting his family was much more important. He had to make sure his offspring survived to create their own offspring.

Before civilization keeping your family alive was a 24/7 job. There were no grocery stores, there were no police. If a marauder came into a male's territory, he had to fight him off or his whole family would die.

> 2. Do you like having a guy treat you like crap?

Of course women don't like guys who beat them up mentally or physically. But if they protect them and their offspring it doesn't matter. Remember women evolved to look for a protector not a romancer. And being a protector doesn't mean being nice.

> 3. Do you like yourself?

I don't believe there is a woman out there who likes herself 100%.

Our problem is that we try to combine the way we are taught with our instinct. We are taught to be nice to people and treat people the way we want to be treated, but this just doesn't hold true in a survival situation.

Until about 50 or 60 years ago survival was the number one concern. If you didn't follow the rules you didn't survive and pass on your genes.

Can you see why women like bad boys now? All you have to do now is take the protector/provider qualities that are required to keep that lion from eating your children, and mix them with the nice guy/romance qualities... and women will die to be with you.

Good luck.