The Natural Progression of a Relationship

by Wyldfire

1) Interest and Attraction -- this is where two people initially see or meet each other and decide they both want to get to know each other better.

2) Infatuation and Falling in Love -- this is the stage where you become blinded by your emotions and oftentimes behave like a love-sick puppy dog. The attention and mushiness of the other person makes you feel really great about yourself and you begin to fall "in love".

This is all about how YOU feel about yourself because of the other person. IT is NOT love. It is that thing that reduces you to a slobbering fool who speaks in "baby talk".

3) The Comfort Zone -- this is where you start to relax, and move out of the infatuation stage into something more "real". This is also the time where feelings begin to deepen towards the other person while experiencing a reduced feeling of being "in love".

After being in this stage for awhile many people make the mistake of thinking the relationship is in trouble because they aren't still infatuated. In reality, the relationship is beginning to grow into Mature Love. So many people bail at this point and never actually reach the "Love" stage.

4) Mature Love -- this is the real deal, folks. You have reached the point of having a genuinely mature relationship, that, if you have chosen the right partner, is a beautiful thing.

Reaching Stage 4 doesn't mean the fun is all over, though. You can and will go from stage to stage at different times throughout the relationship. You can even learn to do things that will make you and your partner feel infatuated and falling in love all over again.

Most relationships are either made or broken during the Comfort Zone.

That is the most important time to really work your DJ skills in a relationship so your partner doesn't decide to bail.

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