Touch Me, Stupid

by Jester

It's very simple why some of you guys have trouble with kino.

You're afraid of it.

You've had something horrible ingrained in you, the myth that it's not polite to touch people.

Now, it's true, some people don't want you to touch them (like other guys). On the other hand, if you're fairly clean, girls will absolutely love the physical attention. Even if they object, if they don't tell you to stop, they're probably enjoying every moment. Have you ever told that pretty girl to stop touching you? I didn't think so.

Now, I'm not saying go grope and fondle every girl you meet, but you have to lose your inhibitions about touch before you can become a true DJ. The more you touch them, the more comfortable they will be with you touching them. So work your way up, something as small as touching hands when passing a pen, to playfighting, and then you turn the non-sexual touch into the sexual one.

A few ways to get in the kino (touching):

Keep in mind kino is more effective if eye contact is maintained with moments of silence to let her wonder about you.

Examine a ring or bracelet or watch on her hand by holding it gently; try to get some caressing motion in too.

Play keep away, take something from her, and make her chase after you to get it back. Of course, you should block her so she has to jump on you to get it. On the other hand, if she is the one that took something from you or someone else, don't hold anything back. Until she gives it up you must do whatever you can to get the object back. In the process you're bound to inadvertently touch areas otherwise off limits, but if she didn't want that to happen, she would give it back fast. Stay controlled though, your objective is still the object and you are only after it.

Got this one from Seinfeld, if you know the girl, try feeling the fabric of her shirt and guess what it is, or just say "nice shirt".

You can get her to do kino on you, by complaining about how sore your back is. Hint for the massage, she'll probably do it.

If your target happens to be wearing a short-sleeve shirt, and she's not a total stranger, put your arm around her bicep and look surprised while saying something like "wow, you must lift weights." This move has the advantage of being both kino and a neghit. It works best if she's fairly slim tho, else it might be interpreted as being cruel.

If there is limited space while walking past your target, turn sideways so that your butt is facing her and brush that bad boy up against as you go. Make sure it's your butt though, the other end may have significantly different effects. This goes hand and hand with the butt-bump, the butt-grab, and other butt related kino.

Use your feet. In a situation where both of you have your shoes off, try to play with her feet using yours. Kinda like little kids kicking each other under the table, but you want to do it in a sensual or soft way. This can be very effective, don't be afraid to move away from her feet either.

And of course, there's always tickling.