Conclusions for Getting College Chicks

by Giovanni Casanova

During the past semester, I took a Tuesday night Humanities/Art History class. It was required for my major, and besides, classes like this have a great girl to guy ratio. Probably at least two or three women for every one guy.

I took this class at night, because quite frankly, while the night classes have a greater percentage of married women, it also has a nice variety of intelligent, mature girls who are single and work full time... a nice demographic, if you can get it.

I decided that this class would be perfect for a little "Advanced DJ Experimentation" -- a way to test a few theories and observe the behavior of women as they responded to different actions on my part. I think you guys may be interested in my conclusions.

The first week of class, I noted the favorable guy/girl ratio. I also judged that the class had three chicks that I would classify as about an 8 or 9, and several 7s. One of the 8-9 girls in the class sat next to me that first week. I didn't pay much attention to her, but I did talk to her a couple of times. I kept it light, discovered she had a boyfriend, didn't care.

As the weeks of class progressed, I arrived in class first almost every week. Many other girls arrived in class early as well, and I made a point to talk to every single one of them. Beautiful, ugly, skinny, fat, married, single, young, old... I didn't care.

I knew them all, spoke to them briefly before class or on break. If I was talking to a mid-40s married woman, and one of the beautiful 20-something girls tried to put her two cents in, I would ignore her. It was wonderful, and it drove them nuts... I could tell.

I showed up in class cheerful (or at least projecting that illusion) every single week. I got a lot of comments from girls in the class and even the professor that they couldn't imagine me ever being in a bad mood. While our teacher was flashing paintings and other artwork up with an overhead projector, I would make my own style of witty comments (think along the lines of Mystery Science Theater here). Basically I just had a lot of fun and kept people in the class laughing.


- Girls in the class approached me more than I approached them... by probably a 70/30 ratio.

- The seat next to me was grabbed up by a different girl every class and was one of the first ones taken.

- I got the phone number of one of the three 8-9 girls about halfway through the semester after calling her "anal retentive."

- On our last day of class, one of the 7s BEGGED me to sign up for a summer class with her, and gave me her number without my asking for it.

- Last week, another of the 8-9 chicks (who happens to be married) went on for about five minutes about how much she's going to miss me after class ends.

- I had a great time.

I suspect that part of the reason that I had such success with the women in the class was not so much because I talked to THEM personally, but because I spoke to the other women.

The girls might have been interested while I was having a conversation with THEM, but when I was talking to the OTHER girls in class, even to the married, middle-aged women... It was like a combination of insecurity and jealousy. They wanted to know what the other girl had that THEY didn't.

And, also, I would talk to a hot chick and she might think "He's actually talking to ME today" and then an hour or so later I'd be talking to some middle-aged married chick, which would make them kind of insecure.

Overall, it was an interesting psychology experiment that led to a net of three phone numbers and a lot of new information.