Dating Words of Wisdom

Some quotes of wisdom taken from the Don Juan Discussion Forum (thanks to De La Soul).

Never look down after making eye contact -- this is a sign of submission. - CoolHandLuke

Want to talk to that gorgeous girl who is so hot? Do it now. If things don't end up the way you want to, then at least you can sleep easily and you can focus on new and different projects. - Stockholder

Not approaching a girl actually feels worse than getting rejected. - Don Joey

Never ask a women to become exclusive. She must ask YOU. She must talk about it FIRST. - Anti-Dump

When I got their name, I'd use it constantly. Women think their name is the most important word in the world. - bondjamesbond

DJs know not all girls are worth dating. - Wildthang

Convince the girl that she is more interested in you than you are in her. - Terminator911

Trust me on this one, a confident elephant man swimming in a pool of dung, is more attractive than an insecure Tom Cruise. - Challenge Guy

Shy people THINK too much. Shy people react to situations when they should be acting/initiating. - Pook

Most women don't go for guys who "love" them. They go for guys who excite them, frighten them, give them an adrenaline rush, and can keep them all moist by acting like real men. - WildThang

Single women go on dates to have a good time, not to be serious. Keep this in mind and never act serious on the first few dates. - Terminator911

Don't ever say "I don't know, what do you want to do?" - CoolHandLuke

End the date before she does. When you first start dating, it is important to avoid that awkward time when it is getting late and she finally has to announce that it is time for her to go home. - Terminator911

As a true DJ you have to be willing to cut a girl loose in a second if she crosses the line. And let her know it. - PimpNHard

When you look directly and potently into a woman's eyes, her body produces chemicals like phenylethylamine, or PEA, that jolts the sensation of being in love. - Surfboard

Unless you're blind, you use your eyes to communicate with women more than your mouth. - bondjamesbond

Warmth is the reason why Danny De Vito gets laid. Lack of warmth is probably the reason why you don't. - Challenge Guy

Always assume the sale. - Master of the Universe

You can't be happy in a relationship unless you're happy being single. - Pook

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