What If She Rejects You?

by BasicInstinct

Last week I went out with my roommate and a couple of his classmates. There was a hot girl there who I started talking to. We hit it off and at the end of the night I asked for her number. She basically refused to give it to me. Well, later I found out that she had a bf. So I thought, ok fine, no big deal. Life goes on.

Well, we went out again a few nights later. I asked my roommate if the girl was going to be there. He said she was. Well, I didn't really want to see her again, but I thought oh well, I'll just play it cool and see what happens.

So we're all hanging out, and I start talking to the girl again. I made no mention of what happened the other night. Towards the end of the night, we got kinda drunk and she started kissing me. We were making out for a while and I probably could have gotten laid that night if it wasn't for extenuating circumstances beyond my control.

Anyways, I'm sure this has happened to all of us at one point in time: there is a girl at school or work that we're attracted to. One day you get up the nerve to ask her out. She says she's busy that day, or that she's washing her hair, or simply just blows you off. You end up feeling stupid and like a loser.

The worst part, though, is that you know that you are going to have to see her again eventually! She is in the same class as you or you work the same shift as her. How are you going to face her again?

When this happens, most of us do the wrong thing.

Usually we get self-conscious and either ignore her or worse, we'll APOLOGIZE for hitting on her. (Yeah, I did this once!)

Now ignoring her is probably the safest thing to do, but I don't recommend doing this unless she gives you attitude and flat-out disses you. This is because when you ignore her, you are acknowledging that SHE REJECTED YOU. You're giving up power and saying, "I don't want to talk to you anymore because you hurt my feelings!"

The better way to handle this situation is to simply BE COOL with her. Say "hi" to her if you see her, make chit-chat, but don't mention anything about hitting on her.

The reason for this is simple -- it shows you're confident and not afraid of her opinion of you. But by ignoring the girl, you are simply cutting off your options. And all of you should know, being a DJ means maximizing your options.

So play it cool and don't act like it affected you -- because as I learned, if you keep your options open, anything can happen.

Good luck.

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