Obsession vs Passion

by DJ de Florida

Women love men who have passions, not obsessions.

A passion is a strong liking for an activity or something else. An obsession is when you are constantly preoccupied with an activity or something else.

Do have a Nintendo system with 50 games? Do you always purchase the newest game? Do you spend hours every day trying to improve your score? This is not helping you become a Don Juan.

How about in the gym? Do you spend seven days a week working out? Do you subscribe to several magazines trying to find the perfect workout? Do you purchase a lot of supplements and keep trying different brands to find the best one? This is not helping you become a Don Juan.

When you have a passion for an activity, the enjoyment you receive from that activity is evident in how you carry yourself, how you feel, and how women feel when they are around you. There is room in your life for plenty of passions. More importantly, your passions do not interfere with one another or your ability to relate with women.

On the other hand, obsessions scare women away.

The women will always ask themselves, "Will I ever be important as x?" Women like men with balance in their lives. They stay away from men too extreme in one area. When you are obsessed, you are off-balance and will have difficulty achieving your long-term goals with women.

Love your passions and live your life. Don't let your passions turn into obsessions.