The Mental and Physical of Sex

by Sixamrunner

I don't know about any "correct combination," but I'll tell you what I DO know about technique. It's quite simple - HAVE one. The one complaint I hear from women over and over again is: "These guys just get me naked, slam me hard and fast for two minutes and it's over." NO technique at all!

To begin with, think about all the time you've invested in just getting there. Does it make sense to invest all that time for a two-minute payoff? No, my friend, it does not. So, why do so many guys do it? I don't know. The little head is doing the thinking for the big head?... Maybe. What to do about it? Well...

The key to sexual success with ANY woman is time. Spend as much time as you can leading up to the act of sex, then once you begin, spend as much time as you can working that thing. Especially if it's your first time with her. (You can rip her clothes off and have hard, fast, wild monkey-sex as the relationship progresses to show her you're the master of many styles, but save that for later - and only do it occasionally for the sake of variety).

It all begins in your mind. Convince yourself she is a work of art to be savored and enjoyed. Undress her slowly. Compliment every new part of her body revealed by her for your personal pleasure. It's similar to Christmas or your birthday and she's giving you a series of little gifts leading up to the big one. Be appreciative.

Let her know how much you're enjoying her efforts. Don't be the impatient little boy tearing through wrapping paper looking for just one prize. Be man enough to realize EVERYTHING you see, touch, taste and feel is a prize to be valued and treasured. Take your time with each gift she gives you before you move on to the next one.

That's the mental side. One the physical side, the one tip I can give you is to use something I call "multiple-point pleasure." Don't concentrate all your energies, thoughts and sensations on what just one of your body-parts is doing. Make a deliberate effort to stimulate her body in at least three different locations at the same time. (Here's something most women won't tell you: "The entire female body is one, big erogenous zone, not just a few isolated parts.")

So how do you do that? Here's an example.

The two of you are naked, laying side-by-side. You're kissing and you are actually THINKING about the kiss. That's one - her lips. (If you're not really thinking about the kiss, you can't count the lips, and you're back to zero). Your right hand is resting lightly on the side of her neck (that's two), while your fingers delicately slide along the skin behind her ear (three). At the same time, your right forearm moves subtly between her breasts (four - with extra bonus points if you don't smash them).

Your left arm is under her waist with your left hand applying gentle massage-like pressure to the small of her back (five), firmly holding her pelvis (six), against yours. While all this is going on, your right leg is sliding across the top of her left leg (seven). At this point, she is a rocket on the pad with her engines lit, ready to go into orbit. And you haven't even pressed the launch button yet - so to speak.

So don't worry about technique. Just make a conscious effort to be totally aware of all your senses and take the time to savor every single moment. Remember - she's giving you a gift that, to her at least, carries with it a great value. Treat it as such... I guarantee you'll be called upon for a return engagement.