How to Be a Challenge

by Nine Breaker

Be a challenge!

That's one of the most common phrases slung around to potential Don Juans. Now, having read the DJ Bible and various other tips, we all know that being a challenge is a damned good thing to have going for you (and if you didn't know that - YOU DO NOW!).

It's pretty obvious why being a challenge is such a DJ thing to do. It sets us apart from the wimpy guys by showing women that we're not their servants and we don't need them in order to do great things and have great times.

But hey, we've all heard this before.

What we don't hear enough of is HOW we should go about being a challenge - what we need to do to show women what they're missing out on. So, for the benefit of those who have something to work on in this area, here's a breakdown of how you should do it.


That's the mind-set you should go with if being a challenge appeals to you.

Let's face it - you're the Don Juan, and YOU are the rare treasure here, not the woman you're looking at. You don't need her, but she's going to want you shortly.

This means that you will NOT do whatever you are told by a woman. And more importantly, you will not do things that require effort on your part to make her happy. After all...

"Treat her like a dog, and she'll beg you for a treat. But treat her like a Queen, and she'll treat YOU like a servant."


Woman: How about you buy me a drink?
You: How about you buy me a drink!

As always, be sure that you don't do anything like this in an offensive way. Your aim is to show her that you don't go out of your way to please others, not to get yourself slapped.


This one you've heard before.

You treat all women the same, and you DO NOT make any exceptions for any one of them. This goes back to what I was saying above about Not being a slave to any one woman.

If you show priority to one woman, then not only will that one lose interest when she realizes she has you wrapped around her little finger, but another woman may lose hope in you finding her - because you're too busy with the other.


Always remember that you don't need a woman! If you have to sacrifice something important to you just to please some woman, then you tell HER to leave - and find another.

There are 3 billion women on this planet at any given time. Even after you filter out the ones you wouldn't want, that's still a hell of a lot of potentials out there - so don't get hung up about ONE of them!

Someone I know is a smoker. Now (ironically) he is also a Medical Practitioner. I asked him one day why he decided to smoke, considering he knew all the dangers. Here was the answer:

"There is no point trying to live longer, if you have to sacrifice all the things that you love in life in order to do so."

Smart words, eh?

The same thing goes for women - don't let them control your life. You don't need that.


If you don't agree with something a woman has said, then you should let her know about it! Women always seem to go for guys with their own views and ideals, and not spineless wimps who agree with them all the time. You have your own views -- show them!

... Just don't forget not to reveal too much about yourself either.


Don't go around revealing to women your life story. Here's why...

Friendship is based around a concept of Trust. Two friends need to be able to trust each other if they are ever going to be open and share thoughts and experiences with one another.

If you share this sort of information with a woman, you are effectively throwing yourself into the "Let's Just Be Friends" Zone. This is also one of the reasons why it is so damn hard to go from friendship to lover with a woman.

"Friends talk. Lovers make love."


Finally, every now and then, give out a little clue or two that you might be interested in a woman, while maintaining the whole challenge thing.

If you want a woman to be thinking about you, then you need to GIVE HER something to think about - this being the question "Is he interested or not?" in her head.

Thanks for reading.