The Sexiest Thing You Can Do

by Mr. Fingers

The sexiest thing you can do for a woman is LEAD her.

From the moment they set eyes on you, chicks can tell if you are dominant or submissive to them.

Dominant = Masculine = Potential Lover.

Submissive = Feminine = Uhh...Let's just be friends!

In other words, establish your role from the get-go. Don't be afraid to lock eyes with her, because the instant you look away, she will see that you are intimidated by her and this is not attractive. Girls are supposed to be intimidated by us, not vice-versa!

So let's say you do the approach and game her enough to get the number. Before you decide to call, have a master plan in place because for a woman, it is a huge turn off when you say stuff like "I dunnooooooo...what do you want to do?"

It's also not attractive when you look for her approval with questions. She ain't your momma, so don't go looking for permission.

There is a world of difference between ASKING her "Will you go out with me?" and TELLING her "You seem pretty cool. Let's hang out sometime..."

Let her know exactly what is gonna happen and how much fun it will be, or better yet, just take her hand and MAKE it happen right then and there!

As the man in this mating game, it's your job to call the shots. You decide where the conversation goes. You decide when/where to meet. You decide when it's time to switch venues. You set the frame of the interaction.

Keep in mind that chicks get off on submission. It is their nature to be penetrated physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They honestly can't help getting extremely turned on when they relinquish their control to a man who HANDLES them.

Thing is, even after they have decided they want you, they STILL won't make that first move. They are simply waiting for you to show dominance and be the MAN that they want you to be.