Why Ambition Attracts Women and What You Need to Do Right Now

by DJ de Florida

There is a lot of talk on the discussion boards about confidence, becoming the alpha male, being cocky, etc. But the precursor for these characteristics is AMBITION.

What is ambition?

Here are some definitions from Merriam-Webster's:

  • "an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power"
  • "desire to achieve a particular end"
  • "a desire for activity or exertion."

So what?

What you see in the mirror is a materialization of your prior ambitions.

For example, suppose you work at McDonald's in the early mornings cleaning the food debris which fell off the grills from the previous day. You mention to your family, friends, and women about how your job is so-so but you don't want to go through the effort to find a job which gives you more satisfaction.

Your family and friends are happy with your current job because they get free food, but women view you in a negative light. Not because you work at McDonald's, but because you continue to do something which you would rather not do and you don't have AMBITION to move forward to something else.

Yes, women are attracted to men with plentiful resources. But they are not just interested in the stuff that men have; they are attracted to the inner drive that pushed the man to acquire his wealth.

You can attract women with ambition even if your current materialization of past ambitions is not up to par.

If you are below par on the physical attractiveness side, start exercising and improving your hygiene. Start reading books on health and nutrition. These are clear signals to women of your future materialization of your new ambitions. If you would like to change to a different career, start researching information on certifications, working conditions, and so on.

A lot of times we fall short of goals. Reaching the final goal is not always important in the eyes of women. They simply want to see your desire to make yourself a better person and to create a great life.

Even if you have the body of Brad Pitt, the mind of DJ de Florida, and the wealth of Bill Gates, there is always room for more ambition. Keep looking for new opportunities and challenges as you will create even more ambitions....