Carry Yourself Like a Seducer

by SexPDX

The attitude of a seducer is one of power and confidence with women and with the world in general. Part of being such a person is to think and act like one.

In theory, you should always feel your best, but that being easier said than done it helps to learn ways to manage your mental states through your behaviors. Mental states are important to manage because they are contagious and are communicated to the women you seduce.

When you outwardly act like a confident and powerful person, it reinforces those feelings inside you. Smile for a moment right now. Your mood has changed just because you are smiling. I know this because the physical act of smiling has certain emotions anchored to it. They are feelings of happiness, glee and lightheartedness.

So much of what you communicate to a woman is in your mannerisms and composure, things you may not even be aware of yourself. The following are some behaviors you can start practicing right this minute to make yourself a more effective seducer.

Control the Way You Are Affected by Your Environment

While you cannot control what goes on around you, you can certainly control how YOU are affected by it.

To be an effective seducer you have to be ready to go at all times. Many guys simply go into "pick up mode" when they are around women but spend most of their time in states they would even admit themselves they would not like to be in around a woman. If you are in a bad state, that is a problem and needs to be addressed the MINUTE YOU NOTICE IT. Even apart from women, life is too short to be spent in a bad state.

Everyone has their own method of managing their states and getting themselves in the right frame of mind, so explore what yours may be. Being a combination of a kinesthetic and visual person myself, one of my methods of state management operates through those two modalities.

I have a spot on my right hand near the base joint of my pinky where there are two lines that come off the edge of my palm. Whenever something happens that makes me feel totally confident and powerful I take a few moments focus in on that spot (visual) and pinch it lightly (kinesthetic). This anchors those feelings to sight of that spot and the feeling of that spot being pinched.

When I feel I need it, and I do it sparingly so I don't confuse my anchoring, I glance down that that spot and pinch it (just briefly this time) and it helps bring me back into focus.

Find some way of doing this that works for you.

Control Your Eyes

Hold eye contact steady when talking to a woman. It seems like common sense, but it's real easy to mess up.

Pick one her eyes and see your reflection in it. If you break eye contact momentarily, move your eyes to a fixed spot (maybe behind her) and then back. Don't look in too many different directions, you will come across as nervous and it will make her nervous as well.

Whatever you do, don't look down unless it's to check out her body briefly and bring your eyes back to hers. Make your eye moments as steady and deliberate as you can rather than leave them to be thrown about by your subconscious impulse of the second (which is VERY easy to have happen).

Control Your Voice

When you are talking to a woman speak with depth and clarity. Practice talking this way on your own. Get a tonality down that sound goods to YOU, so that you actually get charged into a good communicable state by listening to the sound of your OWN voice.

Relax. If you come to a point in talking when your tonality may break, just pause. There is nothing wrong with talking slowly or pausing. Your composure is much more important than the fact that you happened to pause while you were speaking.

Control Your Face

Your default expression should be placid and relaxed. When you are in eye contact with a woman, smile but still keep your face devoid of all tension. Pretend there is a potato chip between your teeth that you cannot allow to be broken no matter how your expression changes, this will make you relax.

Start practicing these behaviors now and notice changes in your own mental state and notice differences in how women respond to you. Most importantly, remember to be in control but still be relaxed.