Tips on Handling Beautiful Women

by MrCasual

I've dated hundreds of women, and I want to humbly throw a tip or two on how to handle women with good looks.

Believe me, if you say the wrong thing before getting to know them, you'll be done without even knowing what you did.

Follow these guidelines:

1. No matter how tempting, DON'T date a girl just for her looks. It's not enough. If she's fun and interesting, THEN consider it.

2. NEVER tell the girl how attractive she is until much later. Trust me, she's been told this all her life. She's bored with it, and she's BORED WITH YOU if you go there, like every other schlup.

3. Turn the tables and BE CASUAL. Every other guy has come on like the puppy dog desperate for a deeper relationship. Don't even think about going there. Instead, keep it casual, light, playful, and with lots of deep conversation.

4. This is a time to concentrate on YOUR style, your life, and your strengths. She's going to go out with and stay with you if you have a lot to offer.

5. Style. This is the great equalizer. You may not have Brad Pitt looks, but if you have Nic Cage style, you're good. Think of Cage. He's got a more personal style than anyone in the movies. Charm, wit, depth, personality, offbeat humor, personal dressing style, uniqueness, tenderness, and above all, confidence and toughness.

6. If the looks issue comes up, handle it like this: usually ignore it, but when she says something like "I'm having a bad hair day" ... turn the tables! AGREE with her. This is the time for the cocky/funny thing. Tell her, "When haven't you had a bad hair day?" It demonstrates that you're playful, witty, and that her looks are secondary to your budding friendship.