Ending a Relationship

by Nine Breaker

Ever wonder what the heck you should do with a woman that has worn out her welcome with you?

Ever consider the possibilities and the advantages that a break-up can have for you?

This is all new ground. The bulk of the talk here is how to get a woman, and how to keep a woman. But it's never what you should do if you want to lose that woman. This is just as important as anything else.

... Alright, sure you need to HAVE a woman before you can break up with one, but bear with me ok!

Your average guy will tell you that all you need to do is end it. The girl has not met your standards / done a bad bad thing / you lost interest (bla bla bla) and you should simply tell her "Sorry babe, show's over."

Do you ever wonder why most guys hate (or fear) their ex's so very much? It is because they were idiots when it came to ending things properly, and they also fear repercussions from her friends.

Oh, but it goes further than that!

What about that babe that is friends with your ex — who you want to go after now?

Sorry! Her good friend, the ex, has told her what a bastard you were and probably exaggerated a bit about you. This babe isn't interested in you at all — aren't you sorry now, silly boy?

If you're planning on breaking up with your girl, then you're going to be better off if you do it right.

When you two break up, end it on a high-note. Keep her as a friend and a source of social-proof. Give HER the "Let's Just Be Friends" line, and MEAN IT!

If you two end it on GOOD TERMS then benefits will often follow.

Her friends are going to see how unusual this is — you and your ex still friends. Your ex is more likely to say good things about you now, and that "hot babe friend" of hers won't be mad at you for breaking up — she could very well be INTERESTED in you for being such a great guy all the way. Up until the end, you were good to this woman (not nice, good!) and that will be reflected in how others (e.g. her friends) will see you.

Most guys would have let her go and have done with it, but you have not. You were different from the rest, from the AFCs. You didn't give her (or anyone else) a reason to hate you, or a reason to think of you as an emotional tampon. You showed her that you can still be a MAN in any situation.

Now, to reduce confusion, here is a small list of reasons NOT to keep her as a friend/social proof:

1. She breaks up with you.

This is obvious. If she ends things, then you are not to blame for it. You need not blow your top about things, but you have no need to do anything about this. Just learn from whatever went wrong in this relationship and move on.

2. You get the "Let's Just Be Friends" line from HER.

When she says LJBF to you, she doesn't mean it. She really means "I don't like you romantically, I want OUT, and I can't think up a better reason than this." Don't go berserk now, just accidentally "lose contact" with her (on purpose) — and move on!

3. She cheated on you.

If she cheated on you, you dump her like diarrhea — fast and as painfully as you want! Never forgive a cheater, and never associate with a woman who cheated on you.

That about wraps it up.