Approaching Beautiful Women in Clubs

by Trickynick

So you're out on the town with the fellas at a hot spot dance club.

You spend the first few minutes getting your first drink, taking in the eye candy that's walking around everywhere and sizing up your competition.

You notice the girls who were attractive enough to get your attention have an air of stuck-uppedness reflected in their demeanor. Thus the dreaded "bitch shield" used by millions of attractive women every night in every city to fend off the endless onslaught of would-be seducer chumps.

This is the point at which the chump may think:

"What am I doing here? I am not going to get with any of these chicks. Look at all these other guys. And plus these women are all bitches, they are impossible to talk to. Unless you are rich like that guy over there with the Rolex and iced-out medallion or better looking like that body builder over there."

Being a Don Juan and not a chump, you will see your obstacles in this situation as an opportunity rather than a problem. Any disadvantage you see yourself as having in this situation is created by you alone. You have what it takes and these hot babes are more than attainable.

In clubs the question is never, "Does this girl have a bitch shield?" but rather, "How much of a bitch shield does she have?"

Any woman you have approached has been approached many times before and depending on where you are and what time of night it is (and what she looks like), possibly many times that night. She doesn't have time nor the desire to get to know everyone in the club that would like to get to know her. Her bitch shield protects her.

The intensity of the bitch shield is mostly related to how attractive she is and how much attention she has been getting on that particular night, but pretty much all girls at the clubs who meet our standards as Don Juans have it.

Bear in mind that as you approach her, her thoughts are probably, "Oh, Christ. Here we go again, what's this chump going to come at me with?"

If your behavior and conversational attempts are predictable or similar to what has been said to her by everyone else who has approached her so far you are going to prove her "chump" suspicion to be correct.

Instead, you have to surprise and possibly even shock her with something unpredictable that will intrigue her. Neg-hits are a well documented way to accomplish this and many of the ones you know already are applicable to clubs, just bear in mind that timing and delivery are more important than what you actually say.

TIP: Be Cocky & Funny (as David DeAngelo would say)

In no setting is this more correct than the club scene. Don't be "asshole cocky", be "funny cocky". Make joking neg-hits and zinger comments with a smile and a laugh. Make your delivery humorous and not insulting. Here's an example of mine:

I pick out a girl standing at the bar who has an obvious bitch shield. I take a spot standing at the crowded bar next to my target, deliberately stepping on her foot lightly...

Her:  Hey, watch the shoes buddy!

Me:  Well, I was going to ask you to dance but I don't normally dance with girls with such big feet. (Big grin and brief laugh.)

She playfully hit me on the shoulder. SHIELD DESTROYED! Once this was accomplished, I was able to talk to her without her perceiving herself to be "above" me like she may have if I had used more predictable approach tactics.

Now let's look at a comparison of the AFC (average frustrated chump), the less-effective clubber, and the effective clubber in how they would deal with a situation.

The AFC is standing at the bar with his friends and a hot girl with a bitch shield comes over near the group, makes brief eye contact and looks around the room as if she were looking for someone.

AFC:  Hi.

HB:  Hi.

AFC:  Are you looking for someone?

HB:  Yeah, my friends.

AFC:  Maybe I could buy you a drink and then help you look for them.

An ineffective clubber (though not an AFC exactly) is in the same situation:

IC:  Hey, how are you?

HB:  Fine, I seem to have lost my friends.

IC:  Yeah, that'll happen in a place like this.

Now, for the effective clubber:

EC:  Hey, how are you?

HB:  Fine, I seem to have lost my friends.

EC:  Well...did it occur to you that they may have lost you, only it was on purpose?

Do you see the difference between the three?

The AFC totally supplicates the way we all know AFCs do and any attention he gets from her is going to be for the purpose of getting free drinks.

The ineffective clubber is not saying anything necessarily damaging in his conversational attempts, he is just boring because he makes predictable conversation.

The effective clubber uses unpredictable, cocky and funny conversation combined with neg-hits to penetrate his target's bitch shield and move in for the kill.

Then he'll work on penetrating something else.

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