How to Turn Her On

by Disciple

There is a technique I've been using for years to get girls really turned on and wanting some of me. It is simple, easy, and fun too.

All you have to do is talk about sex with them. It's that simple!

Girls like sex just as much as we do and nowadays many of them are very open about discussing their sexuality.

Let's say you got some girl that you already know and you want to move things up to the next level. You've gotten some positive signals from her in the past, so you think she might be interested. Start out with a casual conversation about something funny or interesting. This will put her in a relaxed, pleasurable state of mind which is exactly what you want if you are trying to seed her mind with the idea of you two hitting the sheets.

Then say something that moves the topic on to sex. (Don't talk about disease or pregnancy or anything like that.) Be creative.

For example, say something like you were reading a magazine and they took a poll to see which sexual positions were their readers' favorites. Then make up some statistics from the poll and ask her when she has sex which positions does she like the best. Then you tell her what you like the best. Most likely, you'll find at least something you both like to do or have done.

If she likes one position, tell her you love it too. If she has any interest in having sex with you, she will respond to this conversation with positive signs like smiling, laughing, or she might change her body language or give more eye contact, or even start touching you. The more she is willing to talk about this and show that she enjoys this, the better the chances that you two are going to be having sex soon.

If she is responding favorably, then you can get bolder and say, "Let me ask you a hypothetical question. If you and I had sex, do you think it would be good?"

This is a great question because you're not directly asking her to sleep with you; you're only giving her a possible scenario for her imagination. If she says yes right away, you're in like Flynn. If she says maybe with a smile and seems positive, don't take that as a no.

However, if she seems offended, uncomfortable, angry, or negative in any way, just tell her you were only joking. This also means that you should leave this chick alone, period!

If you get a yes or a positive sounding maybe, all you have to do is tell her that if she thinks it might be good, why not find out? Tell her that after all, what does she have to lose? Tell her that she should try it with you once and if she doesn't like it, you'll never ask her to do it again (HaHaHaHaHa!).

Say this with a smile and look directly in her eyes. You'll be surprised how chicks respond to crap like that. You're showing her confidence, a little jerkiness, and that you're a person who is unafraid to show his sexuality to her in a direct way while still being respectful.

(A lot of nice guys are afraid to say stuff like this and they wind up coming off as neutral or asexual. Which is not good at all.)

It's like you're using logic to convince her that it would not only be enjoyable for her to do this, but that it is the right thing to do. Try it out and let me know what happens.