Frequently Asked Questions About Kino (Touching Girls)

by De La Soul

"What is kino?"

Kino is affectionate touching.


"Why is kino important?"

Kino is what makes the difference between being put in the "Friends Zone" or being in the "Sexual Zone". It drives girls wild! If done correctly kino can be an extremely effective tool in attraction. Some people even say kino is the MOST IMPORTANT element of attraction.


"Where am I allowed to touch them?"

Virtually anywhere! Cheek, back, leg, arm, hair, shoulders, fingers, neck, ears.... Just make sure you've kino'd a girl already, before you go for the more private parts.


"I'm afraid girls won't like it if I touch them. Can I get by without kino?"

Only if you want to put in a lot more effort when getting girls.

The great thing about kino is that it is so easy, so effortless — it's a shortcut that actually works. It bypasses all the other bull and makes you a more sexual guy. The thing with kino is that you just have to trust that it works; and trust you should. This stuff has been tried and tested, and it is highly effective.

I have to admit that I was once afraid to use kino. Then eventually I got sick of hesitating and I just went for it! I started out nervously but the more times you use kino, the easier it becomes, and the better you get at it.

GIRLS LOVE KINO! It's what distinguishes you from a "Nice Guy" with no balls, and makes you a confident sexual guy.


"Do you have any other important kino tips?"

- Don't wait for her to initiate kino. You should endeavor to make the first move! However, if she does initiate kino before you get a chance to, don't fret — it's a very good sign that she's into you.

- If you are a little timid about kino, try what DarkDream calls "pre-kino". It's kino without touching. This means that you are "invading" her space without touching her. For example, if you are both laughing, lean close to her. If she has no problems with this (she does not react negatively), feel free to commence kino.

- When starting kino, make it very subtle, almost imperceptible. Light brushes against the hand or arm are perfect. You can do these light touches while walking, or in conversation to emphasize a point.

- If her responses are positive, get bolder. Try to keep it non-sexual until she initiates kino.

- Don't come on too hot and heavy with kino too early. This is a common newbie mistake.

- When you kino a girl, do it calmly, slowly, and smile.

- Use kino as frequently as you can. It helps you relax into the idea of it, that is, you won't feel WEIRD about it. Use it on anyone and everyone (female of course), your teacher, your relatives — anyone! Just get used to it so it becomes second nature.