Everything You've Learned About Women Is Wrong... and Here's What to Do Instead

by BGC

I write this post because I am at a point of reflection.

I recently went on a date with a knockout chick, playboy-quality, and she propositioned me. It was the moment of greatest success in terms of chicks I've ever had.

But just about six years ago I'd never been laid and never had as much as a moment of intimacy with a chick. In fact, chicks in general pretty much terrified me. I'd avoid them pretty much at all costs.

I decided that I had to do something about it. And I did. I applied myself as hard as I could to this problem of mine, and I suffered many humiliations, many disappointments, many failures, but eventually I gained success.

And so if you are in the position of never having been laid or never having had an intimate relationship with a girl, I have some thoughts to offer especially for you...

Everything you've learned in popular culture is wrong.

You need a new way of thinking if you want to be successful with chicks.

Here's what I used to think was needed to gain success with a girl:

Somehow you miraculously ask her for her number, and she gives it to you.

You call her in two to three days.

You compliment her in many ways based on your meeting with her. You ask her out to a dinner date on Friday or Saturday night.

You show up with flowers, you compliment her profusely.

If she wants to do something other than you suggested, you consent. After all, ladies first, right? And that includes changing the restaurant or the time.

You tell her all about yourself.

Toward the end of the date, you slyly start making sexual innuendo, and then eventually you ask her back to your place, and eventually she agrees.



Here's what you do instead...

You call her a week to ten days after meeting her. You do not compliment her. You keep your conversation to three minutes. You volunteer nothing about yourself, and offer only little in response to any questions she asks you about yourself. You ask her out for drinks, meeting her at a casual bar.

You buy her a drink or drinks. After one hour, you cut the date off, even if it's going well — especially if it's going well — by looking at your watch and commenting on how late it is getting.

At no time do you even beat around the bush about sex. If she brings it up, very good for you, but you don't bring it up.

You do not ask her back to your place. You watch for her to signal a proposition. And the proposition will be communicated to you indirectly, as women almost always communicate indirectly.

There are two ways of her propositioning you...

She will either toward the end of your date, bring up your place, or she will bring up her place, by either mentioning your or her place directly, or by mentioning something that is at your place or her place, like a nice CD collection or something.

She will never directly ask you to go to your place, nor directly ask you to go to hers. But if she brings up either of your places, that is an invitation for you to say, "You wanna come check out my place for a few minutes?" or "You wanna show me your place for a few minutes?"

It's worth repeating that a woman will almost never say anything directly about wanting you sexually in the beginning. Hell will freeze right on over before a woman on a first date says to a guy, "You wanna come back to my place so we can bone?"

Now regardless of whether you bang her or not on the first date, you call her a week or more later, on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night, between 6 pm and 9 pm, and ask her out for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday — never a weekend date in the beginning.

And you keep this pattern up for a while, until way after you're banging.

So you see...

Everything is different than you have been led to believe.

What's good is bad, what's bad is good — you'll find out when you reach the top, you're on the bottom.

And the key to winning out in the end, is persistence. Persistence through embarrassments, humiliations, disappointments, and failures. And you win in the end.

Anyways, I hope you have a good go of it. My life has changed astoundingly by staying persistent at it. And I'm sure yours can as well.