22 Things to Remember About Women and Dating

by Terminator911

When it comes to women some things are natural and everyone should
know them...

1) The less you want her, the more she wants you.

2) Don't be too nice or she'll step all over you.

3) Never change your ways for a woman.

4) Always keep your pride.

5) Never treat her like a goddess.

6) She is lucky to be with you.

7) She is human too.

8) If one girl rejects you, move on to the next one.

9) Don't call her every day.

10) Don't take any crap.

11) Indifference is your best friend.

12) Never beg.

13) Get a life — and don't make her your #1 priority.

14) Exercise.

15) Gain confidence.

16) Practice.

17) Be cocky and funny and bust her balls every chance you get.

18) Don't pay for the first date — choose something that's free.

19) Respect yourself.

20) Always carry pen and paper.

21) Use chapstick and practice good hygiene.

22) Don't take rejections personally.