How to Meet Women In Clubs By Keeping It Simple

by Da Dynamically

I've found from my past clubbing experiences that as long as you dress cool, smell good, dance pretty well, and show some guts by approaching women, you will get more girls than a pretty-faced guy who stands in the corner watching people dance.

Most girls in the club are not looking for "Mr. Perfect." They are just looking for fun and maybe a "doable" guy. Remember, women are there to have fun and it is too stressful and not much fun to go around looking for Mr. Perfect.

How do you portray yourself as a "doable" guy?

The goal is not to be the best looking guy or the best macker or the best dancer. It is simply to look alright, talk alright, and dance alright, because most girls are not that snobby on the dance floor. As long as you have those simple things down, you are a "doable" guy.

Don't try too hard — it will make you look like a single-minded, desperate sex freak. Always be cool, calm, and confident.

Basically, my game is based on being neutral and simple. As long as you are not too hideous looking, you don't dance really weird, or talk like an ogre, you will probably be accepted by 75% of the chicks you approach. The ones that reject you are probably too snobby anyway... because you are a pretty good catch.

When you have a simple game plan, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and focus on the FUN, you will be more successful than if you are uptight, always trying to think of something clever to say, or pretending to be something or someone that you're not.

Yes it IS a numbers game in the club, so don't get infatuated with just one girl. And be confidently persistent in your approaches.

Here is my game plan for those that need some examples:

1. Eye contact.

2. Smile.

3. If she smiles back, I say, "Hi, what's your name?"

4. I do not give her my name first; I want to see if she is really interested in me.

5. After I get her name, I smile and say "Let's dance." If she rejects me I move on.

6. After bumping and grinding with her (while touching her subtly) I ask if she wants to go somewhere so we can talk. If she doesn't I move on to another girl.

7. Once you get her to a secluded place, you seduce her with smiles, light and funny convo, and kino (touching). She will seduce you back because she is also interested in you. Remember, seduction is a two-player game. You don't have to do all the work. Respond to her subtle seductions, instead of trying to do everything.

8. Then you move in for the kiss. This will be the ultimate interest test. Kisses will usually break any remaining barriers that she might have up.

9. What I like to do is be subtle and teasing with my lips. I try not to use any tongue at first. This will make her want your tongue even more, and eventually she'll bring out hers.

10. After you kiss her, you just do the close that you feel is proper. Maybe you wanna do a one-night-stand close, or just a phone number close, so you can go work some other chicks.


Keep in mind that simplicity is also very effective when you are looking for long-term relationships. If you are upfront and honest in your motive, you will most likely find a girl who feels the same way.