How to Incorporate Alpha-Male Qualities Into Your Personality

by Bungo Pony

Many people living on this planet have found someone in their lives that they look up to. This person would most likely be considered a role model. A role model is basically a person who has certain personality traits that another person admires.

From this site, we've learned that many people look up to others who are known as Alpha-males. The qualities of an alpha male include leadership, good conversation skills, a great sense of humor, and they also seem to have a choice of any woman they desire.

Many people will work on attaching themselves to an Alpha-male's life, hoping to share a piece of the popularity that he is experiencing. The problem with this is that the person who is looking up to the Alpha is not trying to incorporate the Alpha's qualities into his own personality. This person just becomes known as somebody who knows the Alpha, or a follower.

One way us DJs can drastically improve ourselves is by observing the qualities of someone we admire, and work on incorporating them into our own personalities. If we meet somebody who has a great sense of humor, we should work on bettering ours. If we meet somebody who has an extreme amount of patience, we should work on controlling ours.

By taking other people's good qualities and incorporating them into your personality, you end up eliminating the need for someone to look up to.

This is how we end up becoming a combination of the people we admire.

The great thing about this concept is we can eliminate all of the imperfections of the people we admire. A person may be a great conversationalist, but he may also have a very quick temper. A person has to adopt the positives of another's personality and avoid taking the negatives with them.

Eventually, as your qualities build up, others will take notice and begin to look up to you. They'll start to notice all the great things about you, and wish that they could only have a fraction of the qualities that you hold. Women will notice how you can control yourself incredibly well, and seem to have a sense of direction.

You will eventually eliminate the desire to follow other people, and you'll end up leading yourself. People will naturally follow a man who knows where he's going. They feel secure in any decision he happens to make.

By adopting other people's good qualities and becoming your own role model, you'll succeed in overcoming any obstacles that happen to lie in your path.