How to Develop a Great Sense of Humor

by Mr. Fingers

I have been practicing an interesting exercise every morning that a good friend put me onto recently.

I wake up and the first thing I do is laugh.

It starts off forced, a mere raspy chuckle, until I tap into something deep within and start to crack up.

My roommates think I am nuts and they get pissed off that I wake them up like this all the time, but I think I get off on that and just laugh harder! Sometimes I completely lose it and they can't help but join me.

This exercise has made it easier for me to laugh throughout my day and also I come up with funny stuff on the fly more often. If you don't mind looking like a total lunatic, give it a try!

Generally, a sense of humor is absolutely vital to your own well-being. Science has shown that it provides a unique internal massage that actually cleanses and relaxes your organs. Explains why you always feel GREAT after a good laugh!

Some people are born with a killer sense of humor... others, like myself, have to learn. The point is that it can be developed!

Watch lots of funny movies, especially the old Eddie Murphy stand-up flicks or any other great comedian. Notice how what you say is not nearly important as how and when you say it. Also notice how the most trivial things are usually hilarious!

Comedians are just very observant people who can put a clever spin on what they see. They are magicians who make us see the world in a different light.

A funny person is sharp witted because he is AWARE of his surroundings. Pay attention to every detail and let that attention burn with quiet intensity. You will start to notice all sorts of odd things once you make this a habit.

Another way to work on the funny is to hang out with a hilarious group of people. Think back to the last time you laughed so hard you were in pain. Who were you with at the time? THOSE are the people you want to chill with!

Furthermore, if you are looking for inspiration from the professionals, there is an excellent book out by Melvin Helitzer called "Comedy Writing Secrets." I highly recommend this book if you are interested in improving your humor skills.

Of course, if you have confidence, a good sense of humor, and you love to laugh, there are very few girls in this world that will be able to resist you.