How to Avoid the Dreaded Friendzone

by Adonis

Most guys make the mistake of making friends with a girl first in the hopes of working it into a meaningful relationship later.

This couldn't be more wrong. Not only are they wasting their time and money on the girl, but they are also digging their own graves.

These men wait around with their heads down in the hopes that she will change her mind and become romantically interested in them. However, these men fail to recognize the most basic facts: If she wasn't interested in you romantically in the beginning, what makes you think she will change her mind later?

What makes you think she's not using you as a surrogate boyfriend until she finds somebody she really wants?

What makes you think that she isn't just around for the ride while you spend your money and time on her?

The "Friendship Zone" is a trap... a trap so elaborate and strong that freeing yourself out of it is about as easy as climbing Mount Everest.

To her, being friends with you means she doesn't have any sexual attraction towards you or have any romantic interest in you. You're simply around to kill boredom or until she finds something else better to do.

She may at one point in time have found you attractive, but since she's spent enough time with you, she now believes you are as challenging as a game of checkers with her grandma. You simply do not stir the electricity in her body and that's why you are who you are: A Friend!

More often than not, once a girl has made you a friend, getting her to think of you romantically is damn near impossible. And this is what you'll hear: "Can't we just be friends?"

Just because you get along with her and are compatible with her in a lot of areas doesn't mean you are compatible intimately. Besides all this, she knows you too much already, all the sense of being mysterious and being a challenge is already gone. You are basically in arms reach for the girl and about as exciting as a G-rated movie on a Saturday night.

So how do you avoid the friendzone?


In the beginning do not approach her in the hopes of becoming just friends.

If you are attracted in any way — big or small — do not approach her looking for friendship. Always make your intentions known in the beginning.

Do not lurk around the far corner like a long-distance peeping-tom. Come on strong like the man you are and not as the chicken that you'll become if you start a friendship.

Guys, if you are going to spend so much time and attention with a girl, you better and might as well make her your girlfriend. What have you got to show for it if she becomes just a friend?

Whenever you are interested in a woman, take her out on a real date. Don't fool yourself by merely pretending to be a friend in the hopes of winning her over later.

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