A Great Action Date You Should Try

by ApocalypseCow

I had a date last night, and I originally had plans to do something outside. The problem? It started raining.

The solution? Bowling!

Damn, this was a great date. I was a little apprehensive, but it worked out so well. It's fun, plus there are lots of opportunities for kino (touching). There's lots of stuff to laugh at (missing easy shots, making hard ones) and you can build up some friendly tension by competing.

Also, you get to be out in the public. In the past, I had vastly under-estimated how important this was. But now, I know — women want to be seen with a guy, and that makes them feel good.

And if you're wondering, getting this girl to come into my apartment for an "after date drink" was trivial.

From now on, bowling is going to be my standard first/second action date.


An Excellent Place to Meet Women

by Bungo Pony

I think that a Karaoke bar is an excellent place to meet women. If you can sing — Great! If you can't sing — Great!

Either way, get up on stage and sing something. It'll build up some confidence in you, and shows that you're not afraid of doing it.

Also, think of the possibilities!

Now that you've been up on stage, you can freely walk up to any woman and say "How come I haven't seen you up on stage?" or "Would you like me to sing you something?"

If she has been up on stage, you can ask her "Where did you learn to sing like that?"

There are lots of possibilities, so I urge you all who haven't tried it, to go out and do it!