A Few Smooth Lines

Most of the time when talking to chicks it goes a little something like this: "Yeah. Umm. Uh. Umm. Hmmm. Right. Maybe. I don't know. Umm. What?"

But once in a while you get lucky and something a little smooth actually comes out of your mouth. Here are some ideas from the discussion forum...


I was in line at the local convenience store getting my morning coffee. They have their coffee club set up so that they have to look up everyone's number in a book and then check off how many cups you get before you get a free one.

When I got up to the counter I asked her to check off another one on my membership. She said "What's your number?" I said

"521. What's yours?"

She turned bright red.


I had just met this one girl in the hall who was friend of another chick I knew, and after a few minutes of conversation, she said:

"You're such a cutie."

I took it almost as an insult and said with a sexy grin on my face...

"Hey, I'm more than that, trust me." *wink*

She just kind of melted all over me after that.


I was once discussing favorite pastimes and hobbies with a beautiful co-worker. At some point she asked me if I deer hunt. I just smiled at her and answered, matter-of-factly, "Yes dear(deer)."

The look on her face was priceless.


Did this with a female friend when the weather was cloudy:

Her: The weather has been really gloomy as of recently.

Me: It's ok. Your presence makes up for it.

She melted.


Making out with my girlfriend at the time:

Her: You got cold hands.

Me: Nah babe. You just got a hot body.


Girl: You always seem so happy when I see you.

Me: Maybe it's because whenever you are around I can't help but be happy.

Girl: Wow, that was smooth...


This is one of my favorite lines. You use it by interrupting a girl in the middle of her conversation. You just jump in and say:

"You know, you're kinda alright."

It works well, because the interruption gives it added effect. It makes it seem spontaneous. It is close to being a neg but it's not. It is a hybrid.