How to Meet Girls at the Beach

by Vassago

Someone asked me how I meet so many girls at the beach. Here it is...

First of all, I am the KING of beach pickups. I'm better at the beach then at the clubs. Of course the beach is more of a phone number spot as opposed to a hook up spot, but I have handled just as many girls from both places.

I could go on forever, but for now I'm just gonna give my BEST beach pickup tip to gauge interest.

Go alone. Grab your surfboard, skateboard, whatever, and go up to girl(s). Say, "Hey, are you gonna be here for a little bit? You mind watching my stuff while I go for a surf/swim/run?"


"Cool. I knew I could count on you. Now if anyone tries to steal it I want you to kick their butt, ok?"

Then go surf/swim/run for 20 min or so. (Side note - the longer you are gone the better you look.)

When you come back the girl(s) will probably start talking to you. You can always ask if someone tried to steal your stuff and if she kicked anyone's butt while you were gone to get the conversation started.

Hang out for a few minutes, use David DeAngelo's email/phone number technique, then leave.

After all, you're a busy man.