Feelings Are Not Rational or Logical

by Zap

I'm taking a psychology class at my school, which has taught me many useful things about romance and relationships... not as much as this site, but still...

Anyway, I recently learned something that is VERY important and I think any man that is aware of this should consider himself lucky.

I don't know how showing understanding of "feelings" and intimacy affects a woman early on in a relationship, but I know in an advanced one this is very important. What I mean is I don't know if this will help in seducing women from the get go, but it will surely be useful down the road.

First of all, women tend to act on feelings much more than men do.

Women are much more likely to let feelings and emotions determine their actions and moods. They put more weight on what they FEEL than what they THINK. Their feelings are the most important, putting rationality and logic on the back-burner.

Feelings are not rational. They don't make sense, and they certainly aren't logical. Does it make sense that you can fall in love with a dog in a movie and cry when it gets shot? Of course not, it's just a movie. But emotion is emotion, different from thought.

As you probably have guessed by now, men are somewhat opposite.

Although we do have emotions just as powerful as women we are taught to let our minds rule, not our hearts. We use tricks to block or divert feelings, such as finding a new woman to move past the one that dumped us, as Big Don himself always recommends. There's nothing necessarily wrong with this, being rational and thoughtful can avoid a lot of pain.

So what men end up doing is rationalizing emotions. We can keep ourselves from crying when the dog gets shot in the movie by reminding ourselves that it's just a movie, and just a dumb dog. This makes us feel better, and dampens the emotions.

The thing to understand is that women do NOT do this!

It can be very difficult for a woman to open up to a man. This is often because she feels he doesn't understand her.

We've all been in this situation where we think we're helping, but somehow we say the wrong thing and it does her no good. The key is that when she opens up to you and tells you her FEELINGS you mustn't rationalize! Rationalizing a woman's feelings makes her feel that you don't understand her and you don't understand her feelings.

It can also make her feel inferior, and bad for letting her emotions get out of control. Just listen to what she says and sympathize and really pay attention to her feelings, and know they are feelings and have no rational basis and you can't get her to think her way out of them.

I think if we remind ourselves of this when talking to women we'll come across as extremely understanding and she'll feel safe. This possibly could lead to "Let's Just Be Friends" land, but I tend to think that a woman would fall for someone who understood her so well as long as there was more to him.

So remember: Women feel, and feelings are not rational or logical!

I hope you find this useful.

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