Call Her Right Now

by Kukri

As soon as you've read this message, pick up the phone and give her a call.

Invite her out for coffee or a drink at a place you've both been to RIGHT NOW. Be specific and be immediate. "Hey, what's up? I'd like to go down to Java Village and get a coffee with you. You interested?"

Call her now. Invite her out now.

By doing this you make it plain that you're interested in her and that you want to spend some time with her but you're not fumbling over anything.

More than likely she WON'T be able to go out on the spur of the moment. If she declines, tell her you hope she'll change her mind and that you'll be down there for a little while if she does (don't specify how much time). Then leave and go have a coffee. When you're done with the coffee, leave and enjoy the rest of your day.

If she negs you on the invitation and doesn't show up then you have BIG TIME credit in this relationship game. You are under no obligation to call her again. Do not talk to her until she calls you or you see each other in public. You've put yourself on the line and have made yourself perfectly clear. You've also made up for any unintended cruelty.

You don't want to be mean to this girl but you're not her puppet either. If she doesn't show up it's probably because she couldn't or because she was too damn nervous. Don't take it personally.

Before you call:

Think about this girl. Think about what makes her attractive to you and play a little fantasy out in your head.

Think of her lips, her eyes, her breasts, her body. Think of the things she does and says to make you hot for her (Don't get carried away, the idea is to save that sexual energy for the phone call so that it comes through in your voice).

Smile knowingly when you're on the phone with her. Your smile comes through in your voice. If you're too nervous to crack a suave smile, grin from ear-to-ear.

Do NOT let her make other plans (e.g. "No, I can't make it today but what about Wednesday."). You are not at this woman's beck and call. You want to go out now. You don't know what you'll be doing the rest of the week. You hope she'll make it but if it doesn't work out this time it's in fate's hands for the next meeting.

This is being the good kind of Jerk. This is being the strong, confident man. You're a little rude not to give her an option but you're not being cruel or mean. Even though you're being forward you're flattering her by making it plain that you want to go out and spend time with her.

...what are you doing still reading this????? Call her, damnit!