Help Your Friend Get the Girl He Wants

Help a Friend — Help Yourself

by Azathoth

So I have this friend who is the typical average frustrated chump — too nice, wants girls but won't go get them, etc.

So he's telling me about this girl he thinks is cute the other day, and I decided I would help him out. Yesterday I went to where she works and chatted her up about my friend, and got her number for him. She seemed all for it, and even told me to tell him that he doesn't have to be so shy.

So by helping him I help myself like this:

  • I now know another girl, who in turn most likely has female friends.
  • The fact that I went up to her and got her number, even if not for me, shows her I have confidence.
  • More than likely she ran home from work and called her friends ("this guy asked me..."), so I'm already looking good to the friends.
  • Since I set them up, it's likely I'll end up around them (double dates, etc.).
  • And I'll get to meet her friends who already have a good view of me.
  • I had a successful meeting with a girl who was a stranger to me — confidence builder.

Another thing: this girl said YES. So, she's either been waiting for my friend to ask her for her number (possible, but I don't think so), or she may have been willing to say yes to any guy that came along. I could have asked for me!

The girls are waiting for you to ask them out!

You don't know who may be lurking around the corner staring at you. It could be the same person you're thinking about.

Of course, now he owes me a favor.

So if you can't manage to talk to girls and ask for their numbers for yourself, help a friend out. You'll learn that girls aren't as scary as they may seem. And, hey, she might just say no to your friend and ask for your number instead.

You'll be building confidence. And you won't have to worry about screwing up either.

Then maybe your friend can help you out the same way if that's what you want.

Just get out there and start doing it.

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