How I Became Successful with Women

by Unsure

It was a dark and stormy Sunday afternoon in March 2002.

I was on trying to find out what an "alpha male" was. I'd heard it mentioned a bit in the media in recent times and had somehow completely missed the meaning.

My ass had just been dumped. I didn't know why, but had a feeling that it had something to do with not being a "real man". But what does it mean to be a real man?

I thought the women all wanted these Sensitive New Age Guys.

I stumbled over this fantastic website,, that helped me break the world record for staring/not blinking. That's when I realized that I had been supplicating, I wasn't being a challenge, and I wasn't doing anything that I wanted to do.

A Paradigm Shift — That Changed My Life

That was the single biggest paradigm shift that I have ever experienced. At the end of that life-changing afternoon I had the foundations of "Average Frustrated Chump" and "Don Juan" behavior burnt into my brain.

I could have walked away then, being much more of a Don Juan than I ever thought possible, but I decided to stay because I could clearly see that there was a lot more to learn.

I started to read the Don Juan Bible on a daily basis and I started going to the gym. Each day I learned at least one little thing about DJing and felt better and better about myself (due in part to my gym routine that was inspired by this site).

Applying this newfound knowledge with women at work, female friends of mine, and even with my ex allowed me to quickly see that I was going to have a lot more success when out hunting, so to speak. Examples and field reports from other DJs helped reinforce the concepts for me.

Since then I have been constantly reading from this site and trying to incorporate new techniques into my natural behavior. What I've learned here has made me so much more aware that I've even learned a lot from listening to my friends' relationship problems. I've picked up on things that I was previously blind to.

Please excuse my post if it seems a little long winded. It's late and I'm scribbling down my thoughts without too much proofreading.