How to Approach Women on the Street

Or... How to Get 13 Phone Numbers in One Day!

by Monkey

There was a TV show in the UK last night called "Blagging for Britian."

Using hidden cameras they got a regular looking guy to approach women he found attractive in the street. He just basically stopped them and said something like,

"Excuse me. I just noticed you, and you seem really interesting. Would you like to join me for a coffee?"

He used variations on this (nothing freaky) on 30 women.

And the result?

Not one gave him the time of day.

They made every excuse under the sun to get away from him. You could see from their reactions that they thought this guy was a weirdo, even though he looked genuine, was clean cut, and smart. They had their barriers up and it was impossible for this guy to break them down.

As I said 30 women approached = 0 numbers/dates.

But, they got another regular looking guy, with hidden cameras on him, to approach women in a busy park. What he said was,

"Hi. I'm just asking anyone randomly, but I'm going to a ball/dance/party on Saturday night and my partner has pulled out at the last minute. We split up and I need someone to accompany me. Would you be interested?"

Now he had to think on his feet because some asked him, "Can't you take one of your friends?" So he came out with, "No, they're all on holiday" or whatever.

Now the "barriers" of these women were broken down by this approach. They were genuinely concerned about him not having a date.

And the result?

13 phone numbers out of 30 women.

Pretty good results I'd say. Now all he had to do was find a ball/dance/party to go to!

Next time you're invited to a party/dance and don't have a date, this seems a pretty good method to try. Or you could even get her number then call her saying, "Unfortunately the party was cancelled (you know there never was one). But would you like to join me for coffee instead to make it up to you?"

There's a good chance this will work as you already have created a "connection" with her and she'll be more likely to meet up with you.

I don't agree with lying but a bit of innocent blagging seems ok!

P.S. If the term blagging is alien to you American guys I think you have a pretty good idea what it means now.