How to Ask a Girl Out On a Date

And Get Her to Say Yes!

by Big Don

The way I read excuses is I think of what I would do if someone I liked finally got around to asking me out. As busy as I may be, I'd try to find some time.

People have obligations and commitments like work, school, family things, etc., but you have to use your judgment. If she can't make it, she will sound disappointed and try to give you a time when she can.

If she isn't interested, she'll say "maybe some other time" or something like that. Try to pin her down on a day.

Be careful when asking a girl out as a friend — that's a sure way of getting stuck in the friendship zone if you aren't careful.

Ask her simply if she'd "like to get together and do something some time." That way, it leaves the door open either way.

Don't say "let's go out as friends" because you have already painted yourself into a corner and it is then in her mind that that's all you are to her — a friend.

And asking her out my way also makes it easier to make that transition from friend to something more. It can be done so subtly if you are just "hanging out" than if you had to outright tell her that you wanted her as a "girlfriend."