How to Be Funny With Girls

With a Little Practice Anyone Can Learn to Be Funny

by Giovanni Casanova

Today we're going to talk about humor. Humor is one of the biggest, most important Don Juan skills. If you have humor, it easily leads to the other skills and traits you want to cultivate as a Don Juan, such as a positive attitude, confidence, and a general aura of being "fun."

Luckily, a sense of humor can be refined and developed, and it can be learned. I'm going to try to teach you a few of the basics.

Be Observant

Keep your eyes open and look around. There is plenty of funny stuff going on constantly, if you are just open enough to look for it.

Look for things that are out of place, embarassing things that other people are doing, or anything that just doesn't seem "right". Such as going to the mall and seeing a "Dress Barn" store, and then next door, seeing a "Dress Barn for Women" store. Makes you think.

Read, watch, or listen to some George Carlin for more examples of this... he's one of the best.

Be Specific

When you're making fun of something you will often make comparisons or talk about other objects. Use specific examples and name brands.

For example, if you're getting asked a million questions by a girl, just say, "What is this, a freakin' Starbucks?" Remember, there's a big difference between "We went shopping" and "She couldn't pry herself out of The Gap."

Educate Yourself

Humor and intelligence often go hand-in-hand. Keep up-to-date on world current events. Read the newspaper, watch the news. So often, you will read about or see something in the news that will give you plenty of material for humor.

For example, your girlfriend has a lot of shoes. You can say, "Damn you've got a lot of shoes." Or you can say, "Jesus, did Imelda Marcos move in without anyone telling me?" This is also why Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Jon Stewart use the news for laughs, to great success.

Also, having a good vocabulary helps a lot. Word choice is important to humor. Some words are funnier than others.

Be Happy

While depressed and sour people might be fun to laugh at, they aren't funny. Smile, laugh, and enjoy yourself. People will see you as fun-loving and cheerful and the humor will flow much better.

Do the Unexpected

Humor is all about shattering expectations, surprising people, and exaggeration.

Jack Handey is a pro at this. Take a look at one of his quotes: "I hope someday, if I ever become rich and famous, that I'm not mean to poor people, like I am now." The first part, before the comma, is expected. The second part is the surprise, and it's what makes the quote funny.

With a little practice, anyone can be funny. Take a look at what the masters do, but don't copy them. Work on your observation, your attitude, and your ability to be unpredictable, and you'll be among the funniest people around.

Know Your Audience

This is important. Different people are amused by different things. The same thing that is *hilarious* to me is stupid and offensive to my grandparents. The stuff my grandparents crack up about (old Benny Hill stuff, Red Skelton, etc.) I think is dumb.

If you tell a joke that makes your girl cry with laughter, you might find that telling her parents the same joke would get you smacked upside the head. You can make fun of your friends, but if you're at a staff meeting it's probably not a good idea to make fun of the boss.

It seems like common sense but a lot of people don't get it. There is a time and a place for humor, and a good comedian knows when and where that is.