How to Be the Perfect Ladies Man

by Robert Jordon

If you're looking for a good example of the perfect ladies man, check out The Patriot staring Mel Gibson.

In my opinion this character is the perfect ladies man. You see he has the confidence and the strength of the jerk, while at the same time he has the respect and integrity of the nice guy.

The way I see it, women love a man who shows confidence and ambition while at the same time respecting and caring for them. The problem is the nice guy has the respect/caring but lacks confidence. And the jerk has the confidence but lacks the respect.

Out of the two, women are more attracted to confidence so they go with the jerk.

Now imagine if you could incorporate both the good qualities of the nice guy and the jerk and extract all the other crap. This is where you will achieve success with women.

The Patriot also demonstrated another excellent example of how to handle women...

If you have seen this movie you will notice the woman made the first move on Mel because he was a great challenge to her. She loved him for his confidence and courage and the fact that his life had PURPOSE... that he didn't spend all his time worshiping her, but instead had other things in his life he was shooting for.

If you haven't yet seen The Patriot I highly recommend it. There are many hidden diamonds of wisdom to be learned from the main character and how he relates to women.