How to Choose Great Photos For Your Bachelor Pad

Impress and Intrigue Women Without Saying a Word

by DannyOcean

What types of guys do girls typically go for?

Well, adventurous, outgoing, respectful, etc. So...


Done anything exciting lately (skydiving, mountain climbing, etc.)? Take a picture of it and put it on the fridge.

Traveling counts too. If you've got a photo book sitting out of a recent trip that is great and makes for good convo.


Lots of pictures of your friends. Having a wide variety of pictures of your friends is just about the best thing you can do for yourself. Male and female friends by the way.

Nothing is better than having a picture up of a couple of girls (maybe cousins or girlfriends of your buddies) and having the girl wonder...


A family picture or two is great and shows that family is important to you.

Don't have too many pictures of yourself (even in groups) up. Maybe one or two.

Try to make the pictures interesting. If you were in L.A. recently and just happened to be at the Playboy Mansion and just happened to meet Hugh Hefner and have your picture taken with him, that would make a great picture to have displayed.

Just try to think like a female and what they are looking for and then provide photos to back up those qualities in yourself.

It'll work like magic!

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