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How to Completely Fascinate Her In 60 Seconds

by REd-xL

Once you close and have her phone number, don't head off just yet.

Ask to see her palm so you can check something out.

Analyze it like it's a piece of artwork; look at it from different angles, massage it with your fingers, etc. Then look deep into her eyes for a second and go right back to examining her palm. Then, with a sly grin, say, "Wow! That's incredible!" As you reach the word "incredible," look into her eyes again.

At this point, tell her you'll see her later.

Quite naturally, she'll ask you what's so incredible. Just casually tell her you know a little about palm-reading, but you really must leave. Then get your a$$ out of there as quickly as you can and change the subject if she ever tries to get in on her incredible "secret."

Try to keep the charade up as long as you can.