How to Create a Great Don Juan Bathroom That Women Will Love

by Trickynick

I just moved into a phat new apartment and it occurred to me that we don't talk too much here about how the Don Juan pad should be set up.

I would like to focus on one room whose importance should never be underestimated — the bathroom.

First of all, it has to be clean. No dirty mirrors, no stains in the toilet or tub and especially no pubes all over the floor.

I am sure most of us think a dirty bathroom is gross. I am sure most of us think someone else's dirty bathroom is even grosser. Bear in mind that anything that grosses you out is really going to gross out a chick. And being the studs that we are, we never know when a woman may be visiting our pad, so the bathroom should be cleaned regularly.

Aside from being clean...

Here Are Some Things I Did to Improve My Bathroom

I Bought Egyptian cotton towels that I will never use.

Towels wear down fast when they are used and washed frequently. Use the scraggly ones yourself and keep the nice ones hanging on the towel rack for the girls.

When she sees them she'll think of you wrapping that Egyptian cotton around her body after a hot shower taken after a morning of passionate sex. And choose a manly dark color scheme for your towels and buy a shower curtain to match.

I bought good hair products and keep them visible. Like the towels, even if you don't use them, they look cool sitting around.

I set a linen-scented candle next to the folded hand towels along with some cologne bottles. This looks really cool, she'll dig it. Also make sure the hand towels on the counter are nicely folded and positioned and their color scheme matches that of your Egyptian cotton bath towels on the rack.

I bought metal knick-knacks to set around the sink. It's pretty cheap to get metal soap dishes and dispensers and toothbrush holders that match and it looks way cooler than having your crap strewn out all over and looks way more organized.

Make sure your toothbrush is relatively new.

Also make sure that there is Kleenex. Chicks use this to screw with their make up and all that. They'll appreciate that you have it available.