How to Deepen the Conversation and Blow Her Mind

Stand Out From Other Guys By Making Your Conversations with Women Deeper and More Meaningful

by Vassago

You could talk about where she works, what are her hobbies, what classes she is taking, etc. But why would you want to?

After you found out that she works at McDonalds, is taking math and English, and likes collecting stamps, would you really know anything about what kind of person she is? The person on the inside?

Let the other guys talk about the boring stuff...

Try to get to know her as person with feelings and not a person with hobbies.

Ask her if she believes in reincarnation.

Ask her if she could change one part of her life what would it be.

Ask her if she thinks her friends are as important as her family.

Ask her if she's ever been so scared that she couldn't even move.

Or skip right to the point and ask her to tell you something that she's never told anyone before, and that you will do the same. Then keep going back and forth.

I guarantee you'll get a lot more out of the conversation and become a lot closer than if you where talking about how much homework she has.