How to Explode Your Confidence with Women

Nothing Attracts Women Like Confidence

by Sixamrunner

If you're looking for a "magic bullet" someone can fire into your brain to deliver an instant cure, stop looking. The "magic bullet" does not exist.

I've read all the letters you've posted here, and it seems obvious you suffer from either extreme shyness, an inferiority complex, or both. If that's the case, and I suspect it is, then there is a cure... it won't happen overnight, but it's not beyond your reach either.

What you seem to lack is confidence, and that is something you can build for yourself and by yourself. You don't need anyone's permission; you don't even need anyone else's help. Nothing attracts women better than confidence... not good looks, not money, not stylish clothes... nothing.

Building confidence is like a construction project. It doesn't look like much when you first start out, and it may not impress anyone while the job is underway, but when it's done, you'll get the attention you deserve.

So... how do you do this project?

Simple. It has two phases — mental and physical — and you need to develop both phases simultaneously.

Initially, on the mental side, you need to give up. Forget the girl you're concentrating on at the present time and write her off as a loss... for now. Set a goal for yourself to have a girlfriend by this summer. You've done without one this long, and the prospect of having one (or several) five months from now is much better than the prospect of never having one.

Once you've done this, start building.

This is where the physical side comes in. It is essential for you to become involved in some form of physical activity. Turn your computer off, get up out of the chair and start working out. The kind of workout you choose is not important. You can lift weights in your garage, join a gym, run at a track or down a dirt road, power-hike in the hills with ever-increasing weight in your rucksack... it doesn't matter.

Like the Nike slogan says...

"Just Do It."

And KEEP doing it. If you give up after a week or a month, you might as well not start at all.

NEVER lose sight of your goal. Sometime during the month of June, you want to be neck deep in a pair of thigh-covered ear muffs. If you commit to this and remain focused on your goal, you will discover an amazing effect — strengthening your body also strengthens your mind, and in your mind is where you develop confidence.

Does it work? I can testify to the fact that it does.

Although I hate to admit it, in school I was thought of as a wimp. I was afraid of everything and everybody... especially girls. I'm the one who always got beat up for his lunch money. Not anymore. Look at my screen name. Sixamrunner. Three or four days a week I'm at a track running at six am. The difference it's made in my life is night-and-day.

I feel strong and my mind is sharp. I can talk to anyone, and everyone who talks to me takes note of what I have to say. I'm not Tom Cruise, I don't have Arnold Schwarzenegger's body, and I don't think I'm God's gift to women, but I've got lots of friends and I'm not alone on Saturday nights.

You can have it too. The only thing it will cost you is time.

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