How to Get Noticed By Girls

How to Improve Your Game with Girls Tenfold

by Jake Steed

When you go clubbing, you really have to hold yourself above everyone else, both male and female. It's all in the way...

  • you openly enjoy yourself
  • socialize with everyone
  • how you dress
  • and your body posture.

I would suggest getting some Maxim magazines and flipping through the fashion section. Study the look of those guys closely — THAT is what women have dreams about.

Month to month, Maxim will have different "themes" in clothing. They range from casual beach wear to swanky semi-formal stuff. What you want to do is study what goes with what, what hair looks good with what type of face, etc.

A lot of times, I've found I can go through my closet and match the style of one of the models in Maxim very closely. This definitely makes you stand out from the other average desperate clone-guys. Most guys don't know how to dress.

I know it sounds gay, but trust me it will improve your game tenfold.

When I walk in a club I get noticed — which is the first step to attraction.