How to Make Out with a Girl You Just Met

by Phoenix-eye

I work at a club and when I head to the parking lot after my shift at night, do you know what I see? People getting it on in the parking lot — in cars of course!

How do guys get these women to put out so soon — and in a parking lot no less?

Well, I'll tell ya...

Nine times out of ten, the woman involved has just ended a long-term relationship, and is looking for something, er, I mean someone, to make her feel good, feel wanted, and most importantly, feel attractive. Alcohol is a factor, but not a big one.

Okay, above is your playing field described for you, now this is what you do...

When you get to the club your goals should be as follows:

  • to have a good time
  • to meet ladies
  • to find one that gives you signs that she's interested in you and will talk to you for at least 20 minutes or two drinks

It is at this point that most guys will close for the phone number.

Okay, but that's kind of like those guys that catch a fish only to throw it back.

Here Is What You Do

If she's hanging on every word you say — maybe even hanging on you, or holding your hand, looking at you with those intense eyes — you say something like, "I'm going to get some air, come on!" Or, "Let's go some place where we can hear each other."

Regardless what you say, most likely she'll come with you.

If she doesn't then you say, "Okay, it was nice talking with you. I'd like to talk to you again. Could you give me your number?" It doesn't have to be those words, but you get the idea! Why settle for a strike out when you can get a base hit?

Now, she's with you, out for that fresh air... in the parking lot. Time to get closer to her and move for a kiss.

But wait!

Keep paying attention for signs that she might have changed her mind or a sign that you're moving too fast for her.

Move the touching up a notch; touch her hair, or better yet, stand close, face to face. Put your forearms on her shoulders, with your fingers laced behind her neck, and talk to her. If she is receptive — if she's still looking at you with those intense eyes or/and she's touching you — by all means kiss her.

Great, you're almost home. Now move to the next level... slowly!

While kissing her, move your hands around her, but not under her skirt or blouse. Just caress her back for a bit, or what I like to do is run my fingers through a woman's hair and lightly touch her neck with the tips of my fingers.

Again, after 10 minutes or so, move the action to your car.

I can't stress enough that you must be sure that the chick you're with is into you. Read those signs, and the only way to get good at reading a woman is practice.

I hope I helped. Happy hunting.