How to Meet Women and Have Fun In Clubs

by Jake Steed

1. Always Dress Up NICE

Look a little better than the other guys so you stand out. Nice black shiny shoes are a must. Gel/spike your hair. This is your rooster's comb. It sticks up and draws the female's attention to your head.

I have had girls I ended up dating tell me the first thing they noticed about me was my spikey hair. I don't know what it's all about... yeah it's shallow and doesn't make sense. But that's women for ya.

2. Show Up Early

Get there when it's kinda dead. This allows you to see who is coming in and if they came in with somebody. Observe people and see how they interact.

You should be able to tell if that big flock of honeys on your left are looking to hook up or just to tease.

3. Be Extremely Positive

Laugh and talk with your friends. Make it look like you're having the time of your life and that all the positive energy is in your area.

Your confidence has to be 2X as much as it usually is on the streets. Confidence must radiate from you in waves to make the honeys look your way and become hypnotized.

4. Lay the Groundwork

Always make it look like you've got somewhere to go and people to socialize with. Strike up as many innocent, friendly convos with girls AND guys as you can.

Talking to the guys in the place is very important cause later you may be bumping and grinding with his lady friend and you want everyone to think you're a cool guy and welcome in his territory.

Keep aware of your surroundings and which women are noticing you.

5. Make Eye Contact With Every Lady You Can

Even ones you don't approach. When you lock eyes with one you want, smile warmly and wave to her. If she smiles and waves, approach IMMEDIATELY. Say "Hey! What's up?" in a friendly, outgoing manner. Any other approach or tactic doesn't work.

This is the first test. If she won't hold eye contact with you, smile and wave back, she ain't buying.

Never approach or acknowledge those girls dancing up on the podiums/stages at the clubs. They are attention ****** and shouldn't be considered real girls.

6. Dance With Her Immediately

You absolutely MUST dance. Always smile in a slightly cocky yet fun way when you dance. Most guys have an angry sulk on their face when they dance. The smile will radiate positive energy and make you look fun.

Don't be afraid to assert yourself and put your hands around her waist and pull her into you. Dance as dirty as she will reciprocate. Make lots of eye contact when dancing. NEVER buy a girl a drink at a club/bar.

7. Close the Deal

After dancing with her for a song, but not longer than two songs, say, "Hey, I'm gonna take you out sometime. You gotta give me your number."

You're tone of voice should read, "I'm having such a great time with you and I'm pretty impressed with how much fun you are, I might be interested in more. I have full confidence you want to give me your number." I carry my cell phone on me so they can punch their name and # into it.

After that, I dance with them for a couple minutes more and then split. Say, "It was fun dancing with you! I'll talk to you later." And then leave. Don't hang out with her at all the rest of the night.

If you run into her again, just smile and wave, or go over and put your arm around her like you're old friends and say, "Hey! How you doing?" Chit-chat briefly then leave her to talk to your friends or dance some more.

Go approach and get numbers from as many women as you can. I've learned roughly 2/3's of numbers given turn out to be strokers or fake numbers.

8. The Positives

You can meet many different women in one night.

I've met and dated lots of cool girls at clubs. It's also refreshing to hang out with your friends and check women out/clown around. This is the kind of stuff you will miss when your trapped, I mean, married. So enjoy it while you can.

9. The Negatives

There are a lot of teasers, strokers, and playahs at clubs.

Getting numbers is the easy part. Later you have to filter out and not waste your time on the loser chicks. It can be both frustrating at times and very fun.