How to Meet Women During the Day

Your Strategy Must Match the Situation

by DeepBlue

You don't GO to the supermarket to meet women.

You don't GO to Walmart to meet women.

You don't GO and ride a bus to meet women.

Ditto for numerous other types of stores and various types of public or semi-public places.

Nevertheless, you do go to many of these places all the time as a part of your daily life. And in the course of your daily life you WILL see attractive, available women in these places. And some of those women WILL be attracted to YOU.

If you focus on any one of these settings as a place to go to specifically to meet women, then of course it will fall short compared to a club environment as far as percentage of hotties is concerned.

But if you consider the amount of time you spend in these "low percentage settings" that changes things.

Let's say you go to a club or a bar twice a week. For instance, you go on Friday night and Saturday night.

Count the number of women you see in the club that you are genuinely interested in getting together with outside of that setting.

Then over the course of a whole week, count the number of similarly attractive women you see each time you go to a shopping mall, supermarket, fitness club, bookstore, the pharmacy, a record store, clothing store, department store, ice cream shop, cafe, etc.

Now, if you don't do anything all week except sit in an office at work, drive home, then sit at home alone watching TV after work that's different.

But if you make an active effort to be living your life outside your home, and going to stores, and malls, and so on, then all those places will add up to you seeing a lot of attractive women.

And frankly, those everyday settings are where a lot of women go when they are hoping to "get met."

They dress up, put on their make up and attractive clothes, make bits of eye contact with guys they find attractive, all hoping that some guy will make something happen (work his magic and waltz into her life).

So they give off these subtle hints, but they are waiting for you to approach them and make it happen.

And in everyday settings, making something happen is a whole different approach than the club approach.

Yout can't approach meetings in a bookstore with the same mindset as you do in a club.

If you do then your approach will seem canned, because she can sense the fact that your approach is completely disconnected from the subtle signals she is giving off.

The difference between club approaches and everyday life approaches are like the difference between a fighter jet and a glider.

A fighter jet powers it's way through the sky going whatever direction it wants to, all through the force of it's own propulsion. How the wind happens to be blowing is completely irrelevant, because the jet just powers right through all that.

A glider on the other hand actually uses the wind for its propulsion. The motion of the glider flows with the wind, as though the glider and the wind were doing a dance together. Everything you do as the glider pilot reflects an awareness of every breeze and the air currents that surrounds you, and all your responses move in harmony with them.

Same thing with meeting women in everyday settings.

The subtle cues (eye contact, body language, and so on) that women give out in those settings are the ebb and flow of air currents that the fighter pilot has learned to ignore.

In everyday settings you need to be a glider pilot and tune into those subtle updrafts and wind currents, and learn to flow in harmony with them.

It's almost as though everyday settings were a place where trying to meet people is somehow forbidden or taboo. Consequently, in those settings the act of meeting people has evolved into a very subtle dance between the participants.

It's as though the whole meeting process were taking place through the exchange of secret signals, and when you finally talk to each other much of the real meaning will be between the lines.

In a club, that type of approach is too shy and will come across as timid and beating around the bush.

That's because in a club it is expected that you are there to meet and talk to other people.

So in clubs you switch from being a glider pilot to being a fighter pilot.

SoSuave Note: To be most successful with women, you must learn how to read the situation.

Sometimes you want to be direct and sexual, and other times you want to be more indirect and subtle.

Meeting women during the day is different from meeting women in bars and clubs.